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Here you can take a look to a very good summary, in an english translation of the requisites included in the draft law proposed by the Spanish governement in June. OEspañaur gratitude towards mr Paul Murga of  Piñera del Olmo Law office in Barcelona

Full text in: Spanish Citizenship application based on Sephardic ancestry




Since that Friday 6 June 2014 was aproved the Laws Projecto (READ NEWS) for spanish citenship for sephardic jews, we have a requirements list. It’s important to know that the law is not already aproved, and therefore we can not present the documents to the authorities yet.
After the aproval of the law it will be published in BOE (the oficial journal of Spanish state), and is necessary to know that the law will be aproved at least after summer, that’s to say, in september or october. The law will not be working until six months after it’s publishing in the Spanish State journal (BOE), then, until February 2015.
Los requisitos son en nuestra opinión más complicados de los que se preveía:Those are more complicated than we expected it to be.

-It will be an examination (and we don’t know the details).                                                                                                                                                    -the price of the process will be 75 € (not very much in comparison with other european documents.                                                                       –-A judicial translation will be needed.                                                                                                                                                                                          -A notary (altough the Law’s Project don’t explain which specifications must have this notary) will certificate the real status as “sephardic” in basis of the presented documents.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The consequences of this change in the text of the Project’s law are that the process could be larger and more expensive. This will reduce the number of people that possibly will aply in the adquisition of the Spanish citenship.

WHAT WE RECOMMEND                                                                                                                                                                                                           The first for interested persons is to know and relie in the people they choose for helping in this legal process. It is a useful advise because we have detected some web pages (specially of israelí lawyers, in hebrew) that without any basis make false statements (like: we can get this betwen six month and a year). It is of course false. Take good note on it, please.

Our goal as editors of this website is to get a useful, reliable and fresh information about the legal process that can help sephardic jews to find the right way and in some cases the right profesionals to get the spanish citizenship, that after five five hundred years is been given back to sephardic people.

.Everybody who has any questions, can ask sending an email to: , Thank you!

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